Call Tracking

Know every call that comes in.

For many PPC campaigns call tracking is essential. As the name suggests call tracking provides a dashboard for result metrics on calls received as a result of your PPC campaign(s). This tool ensures accountability for PPC results and provides valuable data to help optimize campaigns.

Call Tracking Pricing: $50 per month, no contract.


Content Writing

Information is important. Not only does it inform and show authority, but it aids in the health of your website. We utilize a team of highly skilled and industry specific writers to create researched and well written content for your website and/or blogs.

Content Writing pricing starts at $125 for 500 words of content (minimum). Additional content is billed at $25/100 words.


Local Search Solutions


Your business' local search presence will be maintained through our network of more than 50 local directories. This service is conducted in three phases: Fix, Growth, Maintenance. With this platform we will ensure that all location and directory information are accurate and optimized. We will also add enhancement elements such as refined copy, photos, and video (if available) to these listings to improve customer engagement levels; a feature not available through standard listing methods. When combined with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this combination increases the likelihood of holding a place in the highly desirable Maps section.

  • Phase One–Fix or Claim: We will fix errors in the NAP information or claim listings that you don’t have through our publisher network. You will have access to the dashboard where you can make changes if necessary. You will also be able to look at statistics and respond to reviews.

  • Phase Two –Growth: We will create five new listings each month for the first 12 months. You also will be provided a ranking report each month.

  • Phase Three –Maintenance: Through our dashboard you will be able to make any changes necessary or make updates your listings at any time. You can also continue to respond to reviews through our dash board.

LSS Pricing: $199 one time set up fee and $129 each month for 12 months. After 12 months, the recurring monthly price lowers to $75.